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Everquest Next, What we know so far. June 2013 has this very good post where they have combined all the knowlege that we know about Everquest Next together. You can view that post here.

I am not going to cover every little thing listed there, but pick up some of the thing i really really like.

  • “What we’re building is something that we will be very proud to call EverQuest,” Smedley said. “It will be the largest sandbox style MMO ever designed with the same exciting content delivered in a new way. Something you’ve never seen before and the MMO world has never seen before.” –John Smedley at SoE live 2012

This is something i know i really want. I want to explore a very large world. I think Everquest 1 did a great job of this, Wow did a pretty good job at this as well. Other MMO’s have not done so well. For instance SWTOR pretty much was here you one world for level X through Z, that you will never come back to.  Which is sad, as they had very good world designs, it just you never got to see them except for those few level. It also kill replay ability.

Now is John Smedley saying this is going to the the largest MMO at launch, (IE the world will be larger than any other MMO at launch), Or is he taking it a step farther and saying this is going to be larger than any MMO currently out there. (Which would be much much much more massive than the first). I am assuming he means the first one, as i don’t think they would be able to spend enough time to make something as large as the second. (Image launching with as much content as Everquest 1 has with it 14 expansions).

  • Players will get their hands on an actual release version of what we’re doing late [this] year – and I don’t mean a beta — John Smedley

I think that might be a little too optimistic, but we’ll see. If so i do know what i’m going to be spending most of 2014 playing.

  • I don’t think we’ll have the min spec finalized by then. But we are aiming to support MANY systems this time.

As much as i want a the best looking game out there using the highest end graphics. I know this ended up having a negative effect on Everquest 2. I remember i was in college back then, and a lot of my friend were in to both games, but they ended up playing WoW because it would run on their laptop, while Everquest 2 would require him to go out and buy a full fledged gaming system. So if i was designing a game i would go out and get last year, or 2 years ago average laptop spec and make sure the game works fine on that. Dosn’t need all the setting tuned on, it just need to play well and not look like crap, and then build up from there.

Another reason i like this is since the economic collapse of 2008, most people i know treat there computer like they would an appliance. You don’t get a new one until the old one breaks.

I like this. I am thinking something like what happens in TF2, but at a monthly and more massive pace. In Tf2 users can make there own maps, they can also make there own art work for hats and weapons. What i want to see is while the EQ Next team work on there own updates to the game, they also are looking at what players are doing. So that every month they can add 4-5 player made dungeons to the game, tons of player made items, and stuff like that. What you end up getting is a ton of new content every month, with out the dev team having to do much.

I want the idea above to be true, but what i’m expecting is something more like… a couple places in the world that list all the player made zones you can go to. Which is a cheaper and easier way to do this, but won’t results in many people taking advantage of  player made zone, like they would if they were in the world for real.

  • Imagine seasons changing. Imagine if you’re a Druid and you need to literally seek out reagents for your spells or worship your deity in a glade somewhere off in the wilderness, but you don’t know where. Or image forests growing back after they’re burned to the ground by invading forces. What we want is a dynamic world that gives all those other possibilities and doesn’t just say OK, go to raid X with group composition of X, Y, Z, and kill the dragon for the 52nd time to get the tier 800 gear. It’s this rinse-and-repeat gameplay that’s got to change, and so we’re changing it. — John Smedley

This is something i really want if SOE can pull it off. I’ve dreamed for Dynamic zones for the longest time. And i have wanted to see this on so many levels. I started to write about this and realized it should be a post all by it self (which i’ll post in a few days).

  • He also has a pet theory that the players who select themselves to be crafters are the glue of MMOs. They’re the ones who tend to organize guilds, run in-game events, placate tempers in a guild, and be social. “So you can pretty much assume that there will be a strong backbone in EQ Next for those players. If players have good reasons to interact with the crafting community, then everything works better. — Dave Georgeson on crafting

They haven’t told us much about crafting. I have a long rant, on crafting that i also will save for another post after this one.



With that We will find out what really coming in Everquest Next at SOE live on July August First and Second

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