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Everquest Next: My wishes for Dynamic Content.

Dynamic Content in an MMO i think would be huge, right now there really isn’t any main stream MMO that i know of that does real good Dynamic Content.

  • Imagine seasons changing. Imagine if you’re a Druid and you need to literally seek out reagents for your spells or worship your deity in a glade somewhere off in the wilderness, but you don’t know where. Or image forests growing back after they’re burned to the ground by invading forces. What we want is a dynamic world that gives all those other possibilities and doesn’t just say OK, go to raid X with group composition of X, Y, Z, and kill the dragon for the 52nd time to get the tier 800 gear. It’s this rinse-and-repeat gameplay that’s got to change, and so we’re changing it. — John Smedley

I’ve dreamed about how i would create Dynamic Content and here are my ideas.


Probably one of the easier thing to do is create seasons. Norrath let say has 4 seasons just like earth, Spring, Summer, Fall and winter (or what ever SoE wants to call them). Just like earth each season has an effect on the world.

Imagine the Commonland with seasons.  During the spring all the animals would have offspring, the grass would be very green, flower would be blooming, that would be rain storm every so often. Then we would enter summer, the grass is more of a darker green, rain would be rare, the baby animals would be growing up. Switch to fall and most of the grass has been eaten, crops near the cities would be ready for harvesting, trees would start to lose there leaves, and would have changes from a dark green color, to reds, yellows and browns. Winter would come and the day get shorter, everything by now is dead, animals that hibernate would.

Or picture the Desert of Ro, desert do have season, in the spring right after the rain storm they erupt in a sea of color as plant that live for only a few weeks bloom. During the summer it to hot for anything to be out (maybe it will drain your mana or something who know).

Each season could have different quests.

Events that cause something to happen

These also can be simple and cause an effect.

Let say a lot of people are harvesting wood from a forest, the forest get smaller, and there less wood to harvest. The forest also get smaller, and less of the creature that live in the forest appear. On top of that it can have an effect on quest in the area. The opposite can be true as well if there is a forest that no one is harvesting then it will grow and start to take over areas near it.

The same can be done for mobs, if everyone is killing off the Blackburrow gnolls then the gnolls shouldn’t venture that far from Blackburrow any more. Or if they do they come in packs to defend them self. If no one is killing the gnoll there numbers increase and they spread out farther, Maybe they even make an attemped at capturing Qeynos

Maybe cities should shrink and expand as people use them. If for instance 10% of the server calls Qeynos home, while the other cities average 5%, then Qeynos should expand, and we should see new building appear in Qeynos, new walls and stuff like that. Let say people start leaving Qeynos for freeport, then part of the city become abandoned. Maybe shady character take over as well.

You could have trails as well, As more and more people walk on a certain part of land a trail should form, and get bigger as people use it. If no one ever leave the gates of Qeynos then the there shouldn’t be a trail just emptiness.

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