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First few days in GTA Online

So turns out i was one of the lucky few who was able to play GTA online with out much of a hitch, and made it to RP level 17.

I did have issues early on, the first mission seem to be pretty damn buggy. I ended up having to restart the mission about 3 time, and on the 3rd time it worked perfectly. Once you get through the first mission the game seem to work very well. So far at level 17 i’ve been able to unlock the following type of missions. One thing to know about Jobs is they all have a 200-300 buck entry free. This mean if you quit early you are out the 200-300 bucks. Even if you finish in last you should break even though.

  • Deathmatches (200-300 buck entry fee)
    • Death matches are pretty much that. There a few different modes. Unlimited life’s until a certain number of points or times is done. Or you could set up where once you die.. you die.
  • Races (200-300 buck entry free, also note if you don’t complete the race you make no money)
    • With races there everything from off road, car, sea, and even air races. All races can be normal or GTA race (a GTA race you are allowed to shot and kill people as well as race).  The races are pretty interesting. What i found out about these races is that acceleration tends to play a bigger part than speed, speed only places a bigger factor if the race is very straight.
  • Missions — I honestly haven’t done to many of these.
  • Parachuting — i think this one is unlocked at 10 or 12
    • Similar to parachuting in the single player game. Your score is based on going through all the check point and how well you land.
  • survival — I think this one unlocks at level 15
    • You and your team has 1 live per round. There are 10 rounds of enemies who will spawn and try to kill you guys. Your points are based on the number of people you kill and how far you guys go in the wave.

Some tips

  • Dying cost you roughly 5% of the total money you have (up t0 2000 (from what i was told)). This include dying on job (except deathmatches (not confirmed)). So don’t die
  • Make sure you SAVE your game before quitting. A lot of people are losing the work they do because they didn’t save the game. Before you log out go to the start menu. Select Online. and select Quit online. This will force a save of your game to the server.
  • Wear a mask while robbing a store. Once you robbed the store and the police are not in visual distance from you taking off the mask will lower your star rating by 1.


If you would like to play with me my social club tag is ogrebears Or view me by my Xbox tag above and to the left.

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