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1 Month of GTA online.

So it has been about one month since GTA online came out. So far in the game i’m level 42 (rank), and pretty much enjoy the game, but it does get some what boring after a while. There are only so many races, death matches, parachute jumps, survival maps you can do before you get bored. I would love to do some of the mission that they have. But it seem like every time i get in to a mission group its a specific group doing it and they kick me to add there friends. Since i more of a PC games, and not a console gamer i don’t have to many friends who are playing the game.

With that said the few Mission i’ve been on have been pretty fun.

But like i said it is starting to get old, i’ve gone from playing the game every day all the time to starting to play GW2 again with people i know. So for now i think i’ll probably just log in once a week and play a little.

Rockstar games social club is going to start having GTA 5 events according to there latest post. So i’ll probably only playing during these.

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