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Skyrim picking a class

OK so Skyrim dosn’t have classes, but i like to think there are. I decided to play 2 different characters with all the Mods i listed in the last post (Note all the mods work with each other which is great, also if there are any good mods that i’m missing let me know).

So i’ve made 2 Characters

  • Ogrebear. He is an orc. I haven’t made much of a backstory for him yet. But he hates the imperials and is siding with the storm cloaks. He is also going to be a smith. Other than that i haven’t thought much about how i want to play him.
  • MageBear. She is an Imperial, and will be siding with the Imperial. She’s a mage, and also kind of a rebel, she wants power and doesn’t care to much who gets in the way. Unlike ogrebear i see her getting in trouble with guards and lieing to people as i play the game. She might also be somewhat a thief.

It been a while since i’ve played Skyrim, or any game really that had really good graphics. That i’m surprised with how well the world looks.


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