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Fellglow Keep

So i decided i was going to start adventuring with MageBear my mage first. After killing the dragon near Whiterun i made the trek to Winterhold to the mage college. I’ve done these quest a couple time in the past so there a little boring, but there a lot of lore i didn’t know now that i’m taking the time to play the game and not speed through it.


After you complete the first view mission for the mage college you will be sent to Fellglow Keep to retrieve 3 books that were stolen by from the college by Orthorn. Fellglow Keep is near Winterun, and there nothing really special about this dungeon. But there is a nice little touch that if you free the vampires in the cage’s they will turn on the mages who keep them there. Over all it a nice quick early dungeon.



One thing that does annoy me a little bit. When i left Winterrun on my mage i was only 1/2 way through level 3, while my warrior was already level 5.  Now the difference is my mage rarely gets hit so she doesn’t really build up her armor score, while she fight, she really is only using destruction. While my warrior is getting his 2 handed, and heavy armor score up every time he fight. So i can see a few week from now my warrior will probably be a couple maybe even 10 level higher than my mage.

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