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November 2013 Gaming System Build ($500, 1000, 1500)

I was not planing on doing another one of these until the end of the year, but make more sense to do it now. So like last June guide, this one assume you have the following:

  • A Monitor
  • Speakers/headphones
  • A Case — cases are not that expensive, but there more of a personal choice and don’t add much to the system (well assuming it has enough ventilation.

I also am going to use Newegg for the pricing, do check amazon and some of the other stories for the same price they may be cheaper, and we black Friday / cyber Monday is coming these price could drop from what i have posted (which is based off the early Nov price)

$500 Gaming System

So the total cost is just under 500 bucks. Comapre to Junes model most of the thing are the same. There a large imporvement in the CPU. We went from a Sandy Birdge to a Ivy Bridge which bring some performance gains, and we went from 3.1Ghzto 3.4Ghz. One thing i’m disapointed on was i couldn’t upgrade the ram to 8GB (it would of made the total 520). If you got the extra 20 bucks go out and get the extra 4GB of ram it will make a difference playing games.

$1000 Gaming System

So most of this system is staying the same. CPU wise were going to the next generation, but same speed. Which is a 3-4% improvement overall for the CPU for roughly the same amount of money. Video card wise where going from the 670 to the 770 which also happens to be 50 bucks less, untop of that this is an overclocked version, so there will be pretty good video increase, for no money. With the extra money from the Video card i’ve doubled the ram on this system to 16gb. I like this system it put my current system to shame.

$1500 Gaming System

So this system is 1162… and not 1500. The CPU is the highest end haswell that is currently out (at least in newegg). Video wise, if your willing to spent an extra 400-500 you could get the titan. While the titan seem cool, i don’t think the cost is much to high for the extra cost. The other option is to get an SSD.

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