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On the road from Whiterun to Falkreath

So after playing both a mage and a warrior to level 6 i decided to just play my warrior. I found that my mage was harder to play even when i had a companion with me, and with my warrior i rarly ever took damage before killing thing in a few chops of my 2 handed weapon.

One of the goals i have in this play through is to use fast travel less often and visit most of the place that appear in the map as i walk along. One of the first thing i wanted to do as i was heading to Falkreath was to visit Helgen, as i have the Helgen reborn mod. Not sure if i have installed it right or anything but helgen was still a mess and there was nothing in it. Reading the book it sounded like i needed to wait 3 in game days after leaving helgen from the dragon attack for it to start, which i don’t think i did, so i’ll have to come back and revisit it.

On the way from Falkreath i went through bonechill Passage which leads to ancient’s accent and killed my seconds dragon. I remember now most of the dragon in the game are the same type of fight which makes them a little too easy, but o well i killed my second dragon.

I got this great picture of Falkreath as i came around the mountain. On the bottom right is the city of Falkreath. Off to the left you can see Falkreath watchtower, and to the right of that the South Shrickwind Bastion. The big mountain in the back is the Throat of the World. Its a pretty good picture (just kind of wish the trees looked better)


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