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Moonpaths to Elsweyr

So here i am, a level 10 warrior, just completed the few quest there are in Falkreath, and i’m sitting here wondering where should i go. And i realized on that long list of over 55 mod i installed i had Moonpaths to elsweyr installed let me try that…. Well turn out level 10 is probably not the right level to go try, i got my ass handed to me. I go back and read the note and they recommend a level much higher than 10 to start…. opps, i’ll come back to this one later. But from what i did see it did look pretty good.



Now one thing i will say is i did make it past the first area in the Mod, it did take a long time and me trying to get the guy i was fighting stuck in barrels and stuff but i did manage to kill them. But over all i had to stop and go back to Falkreath (which i coudln’t figure out how to do other than pick an older save, anyone know how to go back or you can’t?). So i’ll be coming back to this one latter.

So the next though i had was what do i do now. Most of the other time i play skyrim i stayed on the eastern side of the world, so i made a decision to head west to Markarth.



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