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Falkreath to Markarth

These cities have a pretty long distance between then, and when your making the journey by foot stopping all the time to go in to cave and stuff it takes quite a bit of time. I think i left Falkreath at level 10-11 and made it to Markarth at level 15.

The path to Markarth is beautiful, unlike the other part of the world, which either have a lot of trees, or open space, the path to markarth is more mountainy, which looks great. I didn’t go up to it, but there this great waterfalls off in the distance that i will want to check out one day. I love the way the world looks.



On my way i had a quest to kill a bandit chief in Amber Guard (Amber Guard is one of the mod i downloaded). It was a pretty fun experience, and got me quit a bit of gold. I think continued on to Gloomreach. This was my first dealing with the Falmer. There harder than most of the other areas i’ve been to, but going slowly and healing my self i was able to take them all out and get a ton of experience along the way. From there i went off to Reachwind Eyrie… i’m guessing i missed something in this tower. Or maybe it just a tower… i don’t know



And finally i got to spend some time with my fellow Orc in Dushnikh Yal before finally making it to Markarth




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