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Thoughts on Everquest Next Landmark: Founder’s Pack

So i just got back from vacation so i’m just now reading about the Founder’s Park for Everquest Next Landmark. SoE has release 3 different packs for EverQuest Next Landmark

  • Settler Pack — $19.99
    • Unlimited Closed Beta
    • Settler Flag Item
    • Founder’s Pickaxe
    • Title: Founder
    • Forum Title: Founder
  • Explore Pack — $59.99
    • Everything above
    • Alpha Access
    • Explorer Flag Item
    • Ring of Bounty
    • Mega Pocket
    • Courtier’s Regalia
    • Tech Sergeant’s Gear
  • Trailblazer Pack — $99.99
    • Everything above
    • Trailblazer Flag Item
    • Mastercraft bracer
    • Void Vault
    • Noble’s Regalia
    • Tech Commander’s Gear
    • 4 Shareable Closed Beta Key
    • Your Name in EQNL Credits

Ok first i think this confirms my thought that i had a while ago. I believe SOE is in a place where they financially need money to be able to finish Everquest Next. They recently laid some people off, and they’ve had to restart development on Everquest Next twice. Meaning a revenue stream they thought they would have at this point in time is not there yet. John Smedley may disagree, but i think there some truth in this. Landmark helps get it there, selling access to beta/alpha also helps it get it there.

Now i know a lot of people are upset over the fact that SOE is pretty much selling spaces in to Alpha and Beta… BUT I actually think its a good idea. I really think beta today are meaningless the majority of the people who get in beta are not doing it to beta test the game, but to play it to see if they want to play it or not. Or so that they can find the fastest way to level so that they can say they where first. I think by putting a price for getting in to alpha/beta you cut out a lot of people who just want to try the game out and get to the people who really care about the game that there willing to pay for it. Also it give SOE the extra money they need to make the game.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but i think it a good idea, i think it will get SOE the people they need who care about SOE games to sign up and try.

With all this said, i do plan to buy a Trailblazer pack

1 comment to Thoughts on Everquest Next Landmark: Founder’s Pack

  • Torres

    What happened to Station Cash ?
    How come i do not see any option to buy Founder pack with SC ?
    Or am i missing anything ?

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