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Nov 13’s Everquest Next Landmark Livestream

You can watch yesterday Live Stream here.

I’m going to watch the video and and jot down some notes below (with the time) and then include wrap up at the end of the video on what i think overall.

3:00 — The video starts, unless you want to view feet moving

4:00 the world feel a little flat,, or painted, that might be what there going for, but i do hope they add more grass, flowers and 3rd stuff to the world.

5:00 I’m guessing it Terry feet.

6:30 — Info on the founder pack.. i voiced my option on this earlier, i’m still thinking about getting the trailblazer.

8:00 — There showing off the character clothing you get in the game.

9:00 — That mountains in the background need more stuff on it, it just too plain.

10:40 — PC only at the moment (probably PS4 if they get time.. Corp Sony probably wants this).

11:10 — Everquest Next Landmark is launching with just humans, which i think is ok.

12:25 — They only plan for 2 wipes (between alpha/closed beta, and closed beta and open beta). First wipe a pretty big one everything but the character. Second wipe is just a little one, but you get to keep your resources

14:00 — The game dosn’t transfer anything to EQNext (which i think is fine as well).

16:00 — The picaxe never breaks. There are 4 tools in the game. One a pick, ones an axe. It combines the 2 together. It not the best in the game.

17:00 — They have tiers for resource. They have different quality tools for each tier, better tier, means faster harvesting it sounds.

19:30 — A run through of how the game works. There showing how the games works.

23:00 — i’m impressed so far.

24: 00 — They have copy and past… you can save stuff as a template, and then other player can buy your templates.

27:30 — Questions time

27:35 — NDA. ALPHA will have an NDA. after that they will see.

29:00 — Combat, sometime after launch.

33:00 — they talked about the size of the world, but it didn’t really mean much i can’t really tell how large thing are

34:00 — When you heal you get the thing you spent back.

37:00 — Landmark will have all the tool that you will have in Everquest next, so you may even play DND… i’ll have to see that but it might be possible.

39:00 — You have to find and dig the stuff, could go very deep in the world. You can trade with people for resources.

39:40 — When you claim part of the world you control permission on who can build.

44:30 — There is day and night in the game.


Overall for a pre-alpha it looks pretty good. I can imagine my self building a very very very large castle, with a mote, maybe a large ogre statue…. It looks pretty good for a pre-alpha game.


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