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Return to Everquest 2

It been more than 2 years or more since i’ve played everquest 2. So i’ve decided to try it again. I logged in to my old account and found out i have no clue on how to play the game. So i’ve decided to reroll a new character from level 1 and try again.

It appears the server i used to be on Kithicor was merged in to Butcherblock on Dec 2010… I”m pretty sure the last time i played it was Kithicor, so maybe its been more than 3 years.

So my main in EQ2 was an assassin so i’ve started as an assassin again on Butcherblock. My name is Ratbears (with an s this time). And i’m starting in Darklight Woods.

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  • Yeah, that’s why I have a hard time going back. Any time I log in to one of my existing characters I see a wall of hotbars, skills I don’t remember, etc. And I seem to have more AA’s each time I log in and no idea where to put them either.

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