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First 20 level in EQ2 2013

Aged is probably the best way to describe Everquest 2. I some how remember the game as having these amazing graphics. I look at the game today and that not what i see.

The image below show it off very well. The building below look almost like they don’t below with the world. The world seem to be lower quality than that items in the world, and that can be off putting.



Ok so restarting in Everquest 2, as i said i started in Darklight Woods over all the zone was ok. I would of love more of a story around the zone, yes there is a story but i couldn’t really get behind it.

Something i like since i’ve been gone. AA by default will get spent automatically on pve solo list that has been created. I like this because i don’t really want to have to look each level where to spend my AA point. Down the road i might, but right now having it done automatically make life easier for a new players.

So far i’m having fun, Looking at the eq2.wikia zone by level guide the next place to go is either Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, or Butcherblock mountains.  Since Butcherblock is the only zone that wasn’t launched with the game i’m going to head there.

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