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Q1 2014, Games i’m looking forward to

Feb 25 2014 — Thief (PS4/XBOX one)–

So this game so far seem pretty interesting. From what i’ve seen from it, it seem similar to dishonor and Assassins Creed. If it gets good rating and i’ve bought a next gen console by them i will probably get the game.

Q1 2014 — The Repopulation
So this sound like an interesting MMO, i haven’t really heard much about it until now. I’ll have to look in to this game and learn more about it so i’m going to keep in on my rader for now.

Q1 2014 — Age of Wonder III
I’ve never played any of the other age of wonder lands. From the different trailers i’ve seen it looks interesting. I am pretty sure i’m going to end up buying this game when it comes out.

Q1 2014 — Banish. Game of the year!!! So this single guy decided to make a game, and make probably one of the best city building strategy games i’ve seen in a while. Hopefully it will be out this year, but well worth the wait.

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