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Day 1 of Everquest Next Landmark

Everquest Next Landmark is an alpha. As a software engineer i know what an alpha is so i know what i am getting my self in to. I’m afraid for SOE that a lot of the people who paid to get in to Alpha are not sure what they are getting in to and that might cause some Negative publicity from people who were expecting something closer to a beta or an almost finished polished game.

So i’m playing as Ogrebears on the Courage, and i managed to get plot early in the alpha on the edge of a tier 2 island (or what ever SOE is calling them). I Forget what it is called, and the server appear to have just gotten locked as i was going to get check.

Overall i think this game has a lot of potential, having a world were you can build your own peace of it is fun and lets players be very creative… But i worry about what happens after playing have created there stuff, what do they do then. Way way way back in the data there was (and still is) a place called Alpha World. Alpha world was developed over 18 years ago, it allowed anyone to claim a space and start building, and you could build what ever you wanted. It was big for a while (in the late 90’s) but that died down.


Fast forward a few years and Second life came around, and again a lot of people joined second life. Second life had most of the thing that Alpha world had but you could create your own items and sell them. This let creator receive money.

I feel Everquest Next Landmark take the best from Alpha World and Seconds Life and mixes it with minecraft type of elements. IF SOE is able to add some MMO elements that keep people want to say in the world and build more, then i think the game has a lot of potential. IF not it still ends up being a pretty good long alpha/beta test for the thing that they plan to us in Everquest Next which is a smart move.


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