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181 one days later..

I haven’t blogged in a while, well 181 days to be exact, just over ½ a year. A lot can happen in ½ a year.

Over the last few year I’ve noticed I stopped going to blog for information on video games, and I went move and move to Let’s Play, and Twitch. I think Blogs still have a place in the world of video games, there are some very specific thing that work very well in blog that you can’t really do in video, but I think video has replaced blogs as the main source people go to.

On top of that I really haven’t been in to any video games lately to blog. Yes I’ve been playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls online, but that pretty much it. Nothing really to blog about.

So where do I go from here?

For a while I was thinking about getting rid of the blog, I’ve been blogging about video games for over 8 years now. After thinking long and hard on this, I’ve decided to keep this blog.

I’ve decided I want to try a Let’s Play on ESO that I will post the video here and a little bit of information on them. I’ve also decided I’ve wanted to teach my self how to do some Android programing as well and I can use my blog for that as well. So the blog is here to say, and so will have some real content again.

And yes I managed to mess up my top manage again!

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