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Starting My Let’s Play

So In the Coming days i plan to take a Stab at the Let’s Play thing. I have decided i’m going to do a Let Play on the Elder Scrolls Online. It is currently the MMO that i play a lot.

Before i start i’m looking at some of the thing i need for a Let Play. I recently bought a Blue Yeti Microphone as i heard it was decent with out being 100+, and i should be getting that on Wednesday.

For Video Recording i’m thinking about using Open Broadcast Software. I’ve used this a few time when i was trying to live stream some of my gaming. (I sadly have a pretty bad internet connection (6down, 1 up) and so with only 1 up i can’t really stream that well.

Other than that i’m hoping to get a short recording done on Thursday, assuming i have everything set up.

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