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The Adventures of Ogrebearts: The search for Gidwin.

Tarenar and I head north looking for Gidwin, as we look around the scorage area we hind his prayer book on the ground. Argus lets us know that Gidwin was taken northwest, so we will follow him that way. As i kill Scourge they taught me with the knowlege that they have Gidwin, letting me know where he is, and where he is. As i get back Fiona tell me now Tarenar has run ahead with out me.


I find Tarenar and let him know that Baroness Anastar hold Gidwin somewhere in the plaguewoods. We find where Baroness Anastar is holding Gidwin and we attack. Fiona come with all the people we’ve helped over the last few days and we take down Baroness Anastar easily freeing Gidwin from danager. Fiona thanks me for helping her friends. And let me know i should head off to the badlands.


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