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The Adventures of Ogrebearss: In to the Badlands we go.

After the long trip from the Plaugelands I’ve arrived at the Badlands. I meet up with Dolph Blastus who needs me to take out some of the Magic using Ogres at Camp Kosh. After killing the Ogres, Dolph has asked me to bring a package for Rhea down to her at the Lethlor Ravine.


Rhea is experimenting with the black dragons, she is interested in their eggs and will like me to collect 6 of them. She also wants me to kill 10 black dragons Whelpling corpses. Rhea believes that there is still good in the Black Dragons as they were once protectors of the land. Rhea has Nyxondra the black dragon has been taken captive by Rhea and we are to take her eggs.

After helping Rhea she shows me her true identity as the Red Dragon Rheastrasza. She wants me to take the results of our study and head to Agmod’s End, and find a gnome who know what to do with the samples.


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