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The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Helping the Red dragons find good in the black dragons

I bring the samples Rheastrasza to a gnome called Dr. Hieronymus Blam. He looks over the eggs and see a few are pre-engineered. While he studying the eggs he want me to take out as many trogg as i can.

After taking out the Trogg, Dr. Blam want me to head north to talk with the Explorers’ League, as they have found a set of new titan ruins. it possible the titans even created the dragons. I get to Lead Prospector Durdin and before he can tell me about titans he lets me know about the Reliquary that taking all the loot for the selfs. After taking care of the Reliquary, Durdin want me to find out what the Warden’s Pawn and what the Sentinel’s Pawn do.


Placing the Sentinel’s Pawn once i found the place for it a puzzle appeared to connect the 2 pawn on opposite side of the room together. The Warden’s Pawn was also a puzzle a 3 by 3 puzzle that had to be solved. Solving both we find the trove of the watchers. In side the chest is a small circular device. Dr Blam will want to see this. With the device we were able to pureify the egg. Dr. Hieronymous Blam want me to head back to Rheastrasza.

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