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The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Deep in the Gorge

I arrive at Thorium Point and inform Overseer Oilfist of what we found. Based on the information i’ve given he believe one of the “Archduke’s” minions is Rasha’krak, and he currently near the lava pools to the south. I arive back after killing Rasha’krak and he thanks me.

Hansel Heavyhands one of Overseers underlings wants me to hunt down 3 Twilight Minsters. Firewatch Ridge, Kiyuubi Letherio, and Finister. I return witht he 3 leader crystals. He lets me know that they don’t have a strong enough force to take out the Twilight. I should go talk with Mountain-Lord Rendan and see if they will help.


Mountain-Lord Rendan let me know his tower is under Siege and i need to help him or he can’t help Overseer Oilfist. After helping Rendan i let him know Overseer oilfist is waiting. Rendan looks at me and lets me know that he lied, he can’t spare the men… I need to find a way to get hime to join the Thorium Brotherhood.  Dancing!!!! We create a konga line was Draves and he cave in and will join us.

Overseer Olifist thanks me for being the Mountain-lord, he let me know i’m going to help the attack from the air. We took them out and now are in the mines. I’ve been asked to free the slaves and kill their leaders. After freeing the slaves and killing some leader, they’ve asked me to steal their pillows. … pillows.

Finnalys i might kill Twilight-Lord Arkkus and Overseer Malorius, deeper in the cave i must take out Archduke calcinder


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