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The Adventures of Ogrebears: The Burning Steppes

Oilfist sent me to the Burning Steppes to talk to Mouton Flamestar. Mouton informs me that the Blackrock orcs server a dark master who is performing experiments on living creatures. I need to help free the baby dragon whelpings trhat they have tied down. Just as i’m about to head out i see John J. Keeshan… YES that John J. Keeshan from the Redridge Mountains, he alive. He not done fighting the blackrock orcs and want me to take the fight to them before they come back.


I head back and John lets me know that Torteman made it out of Redridge as well. John let me know it time to stock up for war! I”m off to get supplies. I got the suplies, and he let me know we are going to head east to Colonel Troteman, but before we do he want me to a warlock Gorzeeki Wildeyes who i am to ask that i need. The sand, the cider, and the orb.

Gorzeeki want me to steal back the sand, slider Cider, and the Glass Orb from the other warlocks. Super easy and I return to John Keeshan who says we are ready to move are war Left.


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