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The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Join the Blackrock troops

John send me to Chiselgrip on the way take out as many Blackrock troops as i can.

Chiselgrip is a small camp in the middle of Burning Steppes, John and i met up with Stebben Oreknuckle. Stebben is part of the Thorium Brotherhood and would like us to take out some of the other Dark Iron Dwarves clans in the Ruins of Thaurissan.


John and I meat up with Colonel Troteman and our plan is to set up a costume. Some thread, leather and mud and i’m good to go. The plan is to enter the black tooth hovel and talk with the orc named Quatermaster Kaoshin, I am to do what ever he wants.

Quatermaster Kaoshin wants me to Polish some shoes. While i’m working on the Shoes, Colonel Troteman contacts me to let me know i have a few marks i need to take out while i’m at it. After taking them out i got back to cleaning some shoes until there no more shoes to shiny. He want meo to call the kodos back to camp as there getting close to attacking Redridge soon.


The Kodos come back, and Colonel Troteman want me to bring the horn back. My Next mission is to talk to General Thorg’izog. General Thorg’izog want me to fight a Fire Elemental that goblins brought in for him, or i’m not work this time. Easyily defeated, next he want me to get his men in order, Troteman want me to slay his sergeant

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