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Classic World of Warcraft complete, looking back at the good and bad

So i got my Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor, and all three of my characters have made it to level 60. Overall i had a ton of fun and have put way way way more hours in to WOW than is probably healthy.

I did have some issues. I found when i got to about level 40 my mage went from easily killing everything to having a little bit of trouble in thousand needles. My mage died a few times trying to complete that zone. I am sure what the issue was as after that zone i didn’t have much trouble at all. And i didn’t really change my play style. The only thing i did was spent some time investing in Int gears.

Other than that i didn’t really have much trouble killing anything.WoWScrnShot_062416_222637


I also kept my 2 primary tradeskills as close to the max level for my level as i could. I didn’t really find much of an issue. I can see tailors having an issue in the later levels, i had 3 characters feed my tailor cloth and i barely had enough to level it. Same thing with enchanting i had 3 characters passing over every bind gear i got to my enchanter.

Getting cooking to 300 is hard. Pretty much i got stuck in the upper 200’s. At which point i figure out the best way to leaver is to harvest bear Flanks until you get to 285. At which point you go to Silithus and pick up a 285 recipe that will get you to 300. The only other way is by fishing.

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