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High End Ikariam

I made a post about a month ago when i started playing Ikariam. The game changes a little as you get more powerful, and start to have multiple cities.  One of the first thing that hit me was War.

  1.  First rule of war… Know who your about to fight against. I made the retarded mistake of attacking someone with out sending out a spy and spying on them first. And as you can see from the picture there defending strength was 10 times stronger than my attacking and my attacking force got destroyed.
  2. Second rule of war… Have a deference. I did not, and the guy i attacked for the next 10 days would attack me once every 24 hours. This is good for him as it would take about 2-3 day to build an army his size, so he could allwasy kill off my army, and he would get a huge pay amount of resources and money (about 1/3 of all my resource and money in that town).

What he did not know was i am hardcore gamer. What i found out was that resources can only be looted from the town, so i would ship all my resources to another town until i needed them. Later on i found out that if you put resource in your town on the market they can’t be looted. So i ened up doing that. Put my resouces on the market for thousands of time the normal price. He would not be able to touch my resouces.

I did a similar thing with money. If you put that you want to buy resouces on the market the money can not be touched. So i would put the lowest price possible for wanting to buy a resource and so he would only be able to get a few gold from me.

I also would build up an army and stregth my town wall between every attack, so that every time he attacked me it took more time to kill off my guys, and more of his guys would die.

Now this is the good part. War cost gold. He would attack me with an army of 100 which pretty much cost 7000 gold to start the war and 5000 every hour the war went on.  Every round of fighting takes 20 minutes. The last few times he attacked me the war would last for about 6 hours. Essentially costing him 40,000 gold to attack me, and since all my resources were not in my town or available he’d win less then 1000 gold from me. On top of that by the end our army’s were pretty even so he’d lose 3/4 of his army before he defeat me so it would cost a lot to rebuild his army to attack me again.

So in the end he was much much stronger than me but i beat him by making the cost of attacking me 40 times higher than the reward.

Rocks and Wine are very important. Most building will require rocks to build them past the first few level. And With out wine your population rate falls off, (and can go in to the negative). More people you have more money you make, or more workers you have. So you want your population to keep growing I try to aim for 3+ people an hour.

As you have more towns, Wine and Rocks are harder to get by as you’ll have 1 town supply it for many towns. So instead of making my 4th town at the last type of resources i made the town on the same rock island as one of my older town as it really hard to get by with just 1 town supply rocks to 3 other towns.  Wine isn’t as bad, but it starting to get to the point that my 1 town can’t supply enough to the other 3 towns as they grow.

So the high end of the game has a lot of resource management, and war if you get in to it.

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