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Shadows of Odyssey — is it Luclin?

So i’m late about 5 days to this, but as Tipa, and The Clockwork Gamer, and a few other have pointed out Shadows of Odyssey seem to point to Luclin.

While i believe it might have something to do with Luclin i don’t think we will be going up to the moon. I think a large Chunck of the moon fell on to Norrath. Back before the game came out and they were realsing lore. They talked about how after the moon blew up a the oceans became very strong, and made passage by the ocean inpossible. My guess is that was caused when a chunk of the moon fell on to Norrath.

Which also fit in with the current lore that they have passed. One of them is the Escape from Guk, the other The Flight of the Mudskipper. Both of these are said to come from the  lair of Trakanon. And Guk would be off the west cost (where Trakanon is) of Kunark. It would be easy for him to get infromation for a Luclin/guk Contitent. And if the shadows live there as well, it could show why there is a Shadow strong hold in Freerrot, since that is close by as well.

Also if a large rock from luclin did fall on Norath there would have to be some large (but smaller) impacts near by. On the west coast of Kunark again in the overthere, there is small impact craters. So the place in black on this map would be a near where guk woud be and would also be about the place where a large chunk of the moon could fall, with smaller chunks falling on Kunark

So my thought is this expantion is going to be around the area were Guk was, But after Luclin smash in to it.

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  • Delineator

    I like what your thinking but, like our own moon, it affects the tide due to gravitational pull. So when lucin blew up it affected the oceans and brought them higher, or lower in some areas which made them rougher.

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