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My last essay for College … (um.. 18+ for this one)

So my last college essay is on masturbation. I mean who would think that there last essay would be on that, i know i wasn’t thinking mine would.

So the essay is a short 300 word essay, and i wrote it in 30 min. at 3am in the monring… So it kinda sucks.. but here you go

There are many kinds of sex a person can have, oral sex, anal sex, virginal sex, but there is only one type of sex that you can do by your self, masturbation. Masturbation is normally the first form of sex that we experience as we grow up. Growing up kids experience their first orgasim threw masturbation.

            In one of our class surveys we found out that 84% of the class has masturbated and that 16% have not masturbate. Our class is made up about evenly of males and females. According to our book on average 62% percent of men have masturbated and 42% of women had masturbated in the last year. This would mean that our class has a larger amount of people who masturbate than the average. Why does our class have a 20 to 30% higher chance of masturbating compared to the average? Well there are a few reasons.

            First with the average the book uses it does not say the age range, which mean it most likely was adults of all ages. Young adults are more likely to masturbate than older adults. Had the survey been in the 18-26 age range the average would probably be a lot higher. Another reason for our average being higher than the average was that are survey was anonymous, there was absolutely no chance of anyone else finding out what our answers were. Most surveys done are over the phone even if they say they are anonymous you know the person your talking to knows your phone number, and with that can find out who you are, and even where you live. Because of this you’re less likely to give a true answer, but give an answer that will protect your identity.


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