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SoE steals 30 plat from my account

As most of you know i haven’t been in Everquest 2 for about 2 month now becasue of school. So i log in today and see that i have some unread mail, and one of them is from SOE customer support, with 7 days left on it. So i open it up and i get the following. Pretty much says they have evidence that i bought plat (which i didn’t). And they said that they took 30 plat from me. I rarely have more than 10 plat total on all my characters, so i don’t know where they got the 30 plat.

Stargrace said to petition to see if my account was used by a different ip over the last 2 month to see if my account had been hacked. Which i am going to do (but eq2 players shows that all my charater other than ratbear have not been on in 2 month).

So if my account was not hacked then i guess it not that big of a deal, as 30 plat isn’t much, thought would be nice to have it back…

3 comments to SoE steals 30 plat from my account

  • Sucks to be framed eh?

  • Divissa

    30pp seems like a lot to me, as I would rarely have over 10pp once I reached 60-70. Through all the RoK quests I have more pp than I’ve ever had, so it seems like a lot to me. I think you should petition.

  • Loredena

    I have 2 thoughts — first, are you positive it was really from SOE, and second, can you tell if you really had 30pp removed? I just don’t see them sending that sort of communication as an in-game email rather then an out-of-game one to your email on record; not to mention that I’ve never heard of them doing that (though EVE definitely does).

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