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Raiding ToV style.

We went to Shard of Hate this week, and took out a few names. We decided not to do Master P this time around, Last time it took 20 mins to kill him which is just annoying. Plus we did not have a full raid yet.

Near the end of Demetrius Crane fight our tanks died, and he started to go after the raid. It pretty much looked like it was going to be a total whipe. But our Necro Hecast, was able to res our Inquisator, and our inquisator was able to get off Verdict, and the mob died at his feet. Had it been 1/2 a second later, it would of killed the Necro, and Inquisator, in less than a second and end the fight. But that just uber killing a mob like that when it totaly looks like its a wipe

Some time later in the week we found the contested mob Dominus Chottal up near Sebilis. Hes pretty easy, just a straight burn fight. And we got lucky and he droped the Tank Bp, Breastplate of the Blessed Emperor, which went to our main tank.

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