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Reward people for grouping outside of their social circle.

You can make the greatest looking for group tool in the history of MMO’s but the overwhelming majority of people are not going to use it. The reason is pretty simple, most people do not like pickup groups as they tend to not be as rewarding as grouping with people they know. You have no idea how the quality of the group before you join and most of the time it will be worse than if you group with the same people.

But what if you gave people a reward for joining groups using the looking for group tool. Better yet, a reward for joining groups with people they normally don’t group with using the looking for group tools. For instance let say if you group with people you normally don’t group with dungeons have a 25% better change of dropping loot, and/or higher XP rates. In WoW you could even add a whole category of Social achievements. Grouping with 1000 players, you don’t know, killing so and so with 50 different players, and so on.

By doing this you encourage people to form pick up groups, to group with new players, with out forcing it on. And I think this is very important for the overall health of MMO’s. Most people end up quitting because either A they can’t get groups, B it takes to long to get groups, or C the people they used to group with have quit the game.

4 comments to Reward people for grouping outside of their social circle.

  • I think your idea of social achievements in WoW is absolutely fantastic. I think it would work very well as people love collecting them. It may also help take away some of the negativity associated with PUGs if people got out and grouped with others a little more.

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  • While the general idea of rewarding people for PUGs is a good one, I don’t think the achievement system is going to get much accomplished for you. While there are a lot of people that love collecting achievements, there are just as many people who couldn’t possibly care less.

    Now, if you included another tangible reward in the mix such as a mount/title/vanity pet/ect, then you would gain more ground with it. Throw in reputation bonuses with the local faction, and again you might find some success. Achievements themselves though? Not too likely to have a significant impact as they are so often and so easily manipulated where people simply meet the minimum requirements and then leave without finishing the goal at hand.

    As I mentioned in WFS’s post with the pingback there, I have had some excellent relationships develop from PUGs that are often times even stronger than the ones I develop within my own guilds. However, I remain primarily a solo player and get my socializing done through the use of chat features or in my guild’s Vent server (assuming they have it).

    If I could afford to run ventrillo myself, I would have a guild entirely made up of social people who I had met via PUGs.

  • Hi! Just wound up on this post after following a link from “We Fly Spitfires”.. and damn, you must be feeling pretty prescient after seeing some of the announced features from 3.3. Well called, sir!

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