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Current MMO’s

  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

TSO – Tier 2 Shard Armor

Champion of the Void (Berserker, Guardian)

Dauntless Swagger (Brigand, Swashbuckler)

Elucidated Truth (Wizard, Warlock)

Holy Bastion (Warriors, Crusaders, Clerics)

Jin Drake’s Relentless Attack (Bruiser, Monk)

Lancer’s Synergy (Scouts, Shamans, Warriors, Crusaders, Clerics)

Numinous Undertakings (Defiler, Mystic)

Ravaged Vigor (Assassin, Ranger)

Righteous Anger (Inquisitor, Templar)

Spellbound Sorcery (Coercer, Illusionist)

Subtle Harmony (Dirge, Troubador)

Untamed Forces (Fury, Warden)

Voidcry (Conjuror, Necromancer)

Void Knight’s Opression (Paladin, Shadowknight)

Wild Cry (Fighters, Priests, Scouts)

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