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EQ2 Armor Sets

This will eventually be a collection of every armor set in the game.

My plan is to take a Female and a Male shot of each armor, I will be redoing the EoF Fable Set with the main Female/Male characters i’m using to do this, so the armor doesn’t look as stretched.

KoS Relic Armor Sets
KoS Lab-drop Armor Sets

EoF Legendary Armor Set
EoF Fable Armor set

RoK Treasurepd Armor Sets
RoK Legenday Armor Set
RoK Subclass Fable Armor Set
RoK Class Fable Armor Set

Epics with RoK Class Fable Armor Set

Update notes


  • About 1/3 of RoK Fable Peice are up


  • Added all the named of all set, and added All the Treasured sets Names. Picture of all coming this week


  • Added Pages for RoK Legenday and both fable set. Image for listed set coming this week


  • Added KoS Lab-Drop Armor Sets


  • Added EoF Fable Armor
  • Added KoS Relic Female Armor
  • Added EoF Fable Female Armor
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