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Current MMO’s

  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

EoF Fable Armor Set

Assassin (of the Cunning)

Berserker (of the Vehement)

Brigand (of the Wayward)

Bruiser (of the Indomitable)

Coercer (of Force)

Conjuror (of Silent Incantations)

Defiler (of Totemic Etchings)

Drige (of the Requiem)

Fury (of the Raging Storm)

Guardian (of the Eternal Sentinel)

Illusionist (of Illusory Vexation)

Inquisitor (Chaplain’s XXX of Piety)

Monk (of Perception)

Mystic (of Primeval)

Necromancer (of Spirit Siphoning)

Paladin (of Righteousness)

Ranger (of the Outrider)

Shadowknight (of the Malicious)

Swashbuckler (of Daring)

Templar (of Divination)

Troubador (of Fascination)

Warden (of the Sacred Grove)

Warlock (of Dark Arts)

Wizard (of Temporal Foresight)

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