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The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Helping the Red dragons find good in the black dragons

I bring the samples Rheastrasza to a gnome called Dr. Hieronymus Blam. He looks over the eggs and see a few are pre-engineered. While he studying the eggs he want me to take out as many trogg as i can.

After taking out the Trogg, Dr. Blam want me to head north to talk with the Explorers’ League, as they have found a set of new titan ruins. it possible the titans even created the dragons. I get to Lead Prospector Durdin and before he can tell me about titans he lets me know about the Reliquary that taking all the loot for the selfs. After taking care of the Reliquary, Durdin want me to find out what the Warden’s Pawn and what the Sentinel’s Pawn do.


Placing the Sentinel’s Pawn once i found the place for it a puzzle appeared to connect the 2 pawn on opposite side of the room together. The Warden’s Pawn was also a puzzle a 3 by 3 puzzle that had to be solved. Solving both we find the trove of the watchers. In side the chest is a small circular device. Dr Blam will want to see this. With the device we were able to pureify the egg. Dr. Hieronymous Blam want me to head back to Rheastrasza.

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: In to the Badlands we go.

After the long trip from the Plaugelands I’ve arrived at the Badlands. I meet up with Dolph Blastus who needs me to take out some of the Magic using Ogres at Camp Kosh. After killing the Ogres, Dolph has asked me to bring a package for Rhea down to her at the Lethlor Ravine.


Rhea is experimenting with the black dragons, she is interested in their eggs and will like me to collect 6 of them. She also wants me to kill 10 black dragons Whelpling corpses. Rhea believes that there is still good in the Black Dragons as they were once protectors of the land. Rhea has Nyxondra the black dragon has been taken captive by Rhea and we are to take her eggs.

After helping Rhea she shows me her true identity as the Red Dragon Rheastrasza. She wants me to take the results of our study and head to Agmod’s End, and find a gnome who know what to do with the samples.


The Desert of Tanaris

I love the way Tanaris looks, for me (out side of the mountains) it doesn’t have the feel of a warcraft zone. The very light color sand, the very light blue sea. For me it has a different feel because of that. Quest wise there really isn’t much in this zone, a lot of it end up being empty space that could of been used differently.

But there a lot of lore, Southern Kalimdor seem to be filled with more Titan ruins than anywhere else Wow, but not much is explained with this zone.

Overall i’d pick one of the other zone over this one.



Thought on Felwood

So in Kalimdor there 2 different branches you can take at 45 to 60. You can take the northern path which covers Felwood, Wintersprings, and Moonglade. Or the southern path that covers Tanaris, Un’Goro Crater, and Silithus. Since my mage is a night elf i went the northern part as it connect with them more lore wise.

The lore in Felwood was interesting, you get to see a fight between Arthas and Illidan Stormrage. And during this fight they end up being evenly matched. Arthas ask Illidan to steal the Skull of Gul’dan. After he kills off some daemons to get it he decides the power should be his so he takes the skull for him self and transforms in to a Demon. Illidan defeats Tichondrius which end the daemon in this area. He is then confronted by his brother Malfurion Stormrage, and Tyrande Whisperwind.  Where they banish him for what he has done, even thought he freed the forest from the undead.


So ya lore-wise this zone is pretty epic.

You also get to fight Daemons with rainbows so thats cool.


The Adventures of Ogrebearts: The search for Gidwin.

Tarenar and I head north looking for Gidwin, as we look around the scorage area we hind his prayer book on the ground. Argus lets us know that Gidwin was taken northwest, so we will follow him that way. As i kill Scourge they taught me with the knowlege that they have Gidwin, letting me know where he is, and where he is. As i get back Fiona tell me now Tarenar has run ahead with out me.


I find Tarenar and let him know that Baroness Anastar hold Gidwin somewhere in the plaguewoods. We find where Baroness Anastar is holding Gidwin and we attack. Fiona come with all the people we’ve helped over the last few days and we take down Baroness Anastar easily freeing Gidwin from danager. Fiona thanks me for helping her friends. And let me know i should head off to the badlands.


The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Eastwall Tower.

After leaving light hope’s chapel, Ogrebearss and the group moved on to Eastwall Tower.

At Eastwall Tower i meet with Vex’Tul and he want me to enter the mossflayer capital of Zul’Mashar. In the City is a traitor called Thresh’jin that i need to kill. Before i leave Deacon Andaal come by and ask if i’m heading in to Zul’Mashar to thin their numbers.  We tok out their numbers, and Vex’Tul has decided to stay here.


Tarenar Sunstrike want to take out some scourge near by called the Ix’lar, and his gnomb friend near by want us to take out Borelgore a large maggot that is near by. After taking out the Ix’lar we had back and Fiona lets us know that Gidwin ran north with out us. Fiona is mad at us because we were not suppost to stop here, and Gidwin went ahead and did what he was asked to do.

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Light’s Hope Chapel

Fiona lets me know what Gidwin and Tarenar have run ahead to Light’s Hope Chapel and i should head off that way.

I arive at Light’s Hope Chapel and Lord Maxwell Tyrosus thanks me for coming but first he want to give us a test. The three of us will enter the Crypt and be tested by Lord Raymond George. We have past the test, the 3 of us have joined the Argent Crusade. Lord Maxwell would like us to kill Noxious Glade Scourge and Cultist just north of us.


After deafting them i’m sent off to talk with Archmage Angela Dosantos who is near Tyr’s Hand. With 100 men the plan is to retake the area. Crusade Commander Korfax want me to take the barracks and want me to take out the leaders, Huntsman Leopld, Scarlet Commander Marjhan, and Mataus the Wrathcaster. After taking the barracks, Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer ask me to take the Abbey. Finally we are going to take the main keep of the city.


The Adventure of Ogrebearss: The Light’s Shield Tower

Fiona and the gang pack up our bags and head off farther in to Eastern Plaguelands, we make another pitstop at the Light’s Sheild Tower.

At the Light’s Sheild Tower, Betina Bigglezink ask me to get some Death Cultish Headwear, and Robes, also to create some coagulated Rot. Once i got the rot, i need to kill blight surges to get the last thing i need. I now have a Death Cultist Disguise to wear to distrub their Mereldar Plague cauldron.


I meet Vex’tul who know that i’ve killed Zaeldarr, he want me to prove my strength, behind me 3 trolls appear and attack. I killed them quickly.

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Crown Guard Tower

After some travel we made it to the first tower in the Eastern Plauagelands.

I talk with Urk Gagbaz and he would like to me take the head of the troll Zaeldarr the Outcast. Zaeldarr and his troll companion had taken hold of a small crypt, after takeing him out i return to Urk who thanked me. Urk Then asks me to speak with a memeber of the Cenarion Circle who came by the day before. I find Rayne and she/he wants me to take out the scourge form Fungal Vale.


Carlin Redpath talked to me about the battle for Darrowshire, he lost his young niece Pamela, he would like me to search for any sign of Pammy that i could find.  I found from the ghost of Palmela in her runied house. Pamela has asked me to find her doll, and want me to find her daddies animals swore that was taken by a lone hunter. After returning with the doll and swore she ask me to bring the sword to Uncle Carlin. After talking to Carlin he asked me to bring the sword to Chromie. While we can’t help them now, we can help them in the past so that their souls can get some rest.  After helping the soul get some rest i am supost to head back to Darrowshire and accept Redpath’s Frogiveness.


Argus Highbeacon has asked me to help clear the roads of Plaugebats on the way to Light Sheild Tower.

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: In to the Eastern Plaguelands

Last we left off with Ogrebearss, he had just completed and lost the fight for the city of Andorhal. And now he find him self going even farther in to the Plaguelands looking for Fiona caravan.


I find Fiona right on the boarder of the eastern and western plaugelands, she let me know her friends, Gidwin and Tarenar are missing and i need to go find them. I find Gidwin Goldbraids near the mouth of a cave covered in webs. He askes me to kill the creatures that did this to him. After freeing Gidwin, he would like me to gather some small herbs for Fiona to use. I arrive in time to help Tarenar who want to kill some Death’s Step Purifier who are creating monsters.  He than ask me to kill some Plaguehounds and bring Fiona their blood.


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