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The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Eastwall Tower.

After leaving light hope’s chapel, Ogrebearss and the group moved on to Eastwall Tower.

At Eastwall Tower i meet with Vex’Tul and he want me to enter the mossflayer capital of Zul’Mashar. In the City is a traitor called Thresh’jin that i need to kill. Before i leave Deacon Andaal come by and ask if […]

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Light’s Hope Chapel

Fiona lets me know what Gidwin and Tarenar have run ahead to Light’s Hope Chapel and i should head off that way.

I arive at Light’s Hope Chapel and Lord Maxwell Tyrosus thanks me for coming but first he want to give us a test. The three of us will enter the Crypt and be […]

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: The Light’s Shield Tower

Fiona and the gang pack up our bags and head off farther in to Eastern Plaguelands, we make another pitstop at the Light’s Sheild Tower.

At the Light’s Sheild Tower, Betina Bigglezink ask me to get some Death Cultish Headwear, and Robes, also to create some coagulated Rot. Once i got the rot, i need […]

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Crown Guard Tower

After some travel we made it to the first tower in the Eastern Plauagelands.

I talk with Urk Gagbaz and he would like to me take the head of the troll Zaeldarr the Outcast. Zaeldarr and his troll companion had taken hold of a small crypt, after takeing him out i return to Urk who […]

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: In to the Eastern Plaguelands

Last we left off with Ogrebearss, he had just completed and lost the fight for the city of Andorhal. And now he find him self going even farther in to the Plaguelands looking for Fiona caravan.

I find Fiona right on the boarder of the eastern and western plaugelands, she let me know […]

Cutting some charaters

So i’ve been leveling 6 characters through WOW for the last 2 month in Wow, and while it been fun i’m starting to feel a little burned out. And that mostly now that the zone are taking longer and i’m having to do them 2-3 time to get all character though the zones. So i’ve decided […]

Dustwallow Marsh

I Swear I took pictures while I was in Dushwallow Marsh, but I guess I didn’t. So I’m writing this a few days after the fact, but there really isn’t much to say about Dustwallow Marsh.

On the alliance side, you start off on the strong hold of Theramore, which is the alliance’s only human stronghold […]

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: The attack on Andorhal

I’ve been called back to the City of Andorhal, by Thassarian. The farmers that i gave weapons to earlier have initiated the attack on the forsaken with out waiting for Thassarian commands. We must attack now. I”ve been asked to go deep into Forsaken Territory and kill 3 of their commanders, Deathguard War-Captains.

I […]

Just another day on a RP server in Warcraft

Playing on a Role playing server one of the interesting thing is watching people Role Player, but you rarely see it outside of the city. So here i am questing when i see the following 4 people. 3 girls in swim suite.. and a guy in a suba suit… What were the RP… NO idea.


The Adventures of Ogrebearss: The Argent Crusade

I arvire at the farm, and it appear i’m already to late the forsaken has attacked. I find Thurman Grant who tells me i need to clear out the forsaken from the farmers lands. After lessing there numbers i’m told to take some farmers and attack Gory to get these farmers some training. Gory is […]

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